Description of the painting Efim Volkov “Forest Lake”

Description of the painting Efim Volkov “Forest Lake”

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Although Volkov depicted his Forest Lake in dark colors, the picture is still very pleasant and joyful. In the middle of the composition, a dark forest lake is depicted, and Volkov took the darkest colors in the picture to describe it. With this technique, he makes the lake deep and bottomless. It is mysterious, because it is not known what is hidden there at its bottom.

Bright treetops are reflected in the middle of the lake. On a nearby green shore, green grasses grow, birches yellowed from autumn, and green grass bushes.

The trees depicted in the picture are completely different from each other, it is all thought out and traced to the smallest detail. Some of them are yellow, some are orange, some are green. And they are all of different sizes, thicknesses, lengths.

In the background of the lake you can see a yellowed autumn forest. It is so thick that more than one ray of sunlight passes through it. Only the tops of the trees are covered with golden evening radiance and the heavenly blue shows clear weather. There is not a cloud in the blue sky, which means that the day is warm, gentle and pleasant.

The most basic color of the landscape is green. It performs in various shades from light green grass to deep green shades on the lake. Yellowed trees tell us about autumn. All these color shades and combinations gave the picture a special magical meaning. The artist seemed to show the beauty of the lake depths, since not many had to see the forest lake in reality. It keeps its dark secrets, forest inhabitants.

Tired birds fly here to quench their thirst, forest inhabitants come. It is as if the center of this beautiful forest, its living heart. You can listen, and hear his breath, supported by a light breeze and rustling leaves. Surrounded by forest trees, the lake is hidden from the eyes of man.

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