Description of the painting by Viktor Borisov-Musatov “Requiem”

Description of the painting by Viktor Borisov-Musatov “Requiem”

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Another Borisov-Musatov painting “Requiem” continues the ideas begun in “Emerald Necklace”. The huge easel watercolor, worked out to the finest details, was dedicated to the tragic death of a close friend of the artist - N.Yu. Stanyukovich.

The artist incredibly mourned for a beautiful and close person. The grief caused by such an unexpected death was expressed in the image of “Requiem”. The whole picture corresponds to the classical style and forms. Carefully drawn details, however, did not help the artist revive the characters in the picture. All women are depicted flat, as if they were the shadows of terrible grief and despair.

The building and park depicted in the back, just like in the Necklace, appear more in the background than in the voluminous space. Despite the themes of sadness and sorrow, as well as a pessimistic mood, the author prefers light tones and shades. They smoothly pass from the walls of the building, to costumes and outfits of women, light tiles, as well as the appearance of an antique statue.

In his creation, the artist Borisov-Musatov was able to replace the living heroes with symbols, and thus move unusually close to symbolism, in the form of mysticism. The author wrote the picture in the town of Tarus, located on the banks of the Oka River. There the artist spends from March to November 1905. He was not interested in the public and all the events that took place there, if they came into contact with his creative interests.

However, being in the silence of an ordinary village, where rumors of protests, peasant strikes and unrest hardly reached, he was looking forward to new newspapers, as well as the arrival of the “Russian Republic”.

All these events have something in common with the artist. It was in this year that he began to work on landscapes, which in his understanding represented the face of the new Russian republic.

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