Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Near the seashore Crimea”

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Near the seashore Crimea”

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In 1886, Levitan I.I. The canvas attracts attention with its calm and pleasant colors of the Black Sea.

Rocky coast, blue waters, smoothly turning into a horizon line. The water surface shows that the day turned out to be sunny and calm. In the center of the picture is a large rock, which serves as a temporary refuge for seabirds.

The sky almost merges with the sea. Levitan was able to convey the atmosphere of presence. The viewer smells the sea and warm stones. These immensely huge rock formations prevent people from swimming.

Therefore, it is a quiet, sparsely populated place. The artist could not get past such regular natural lines. Water over the years smoothed sharp corners. Therefore, each large cobblestone has smooth edges and attractive shapes. The sea is almost serene. The author paid attention to the reflection from rocky cliffs.

This canvas can be endlessly admired. It calms, I want to think about warm water, relaxation and pleasant sunny days. Delicate blue shades adjust for peace and tranquility. The picture takes the viewer to the coast of Crimea, as if you are standing behind the back of a talented artist.

See how naturally insignificant waves are drawn on the surface of the sea. A yellowish sky indicates that it will be evening soon. The sun sets over the horizon, hence the characteristic glare on the surface of the water. Calmness and silence, this is what the artist felt when creating this seascape. He was a success, the shades and colors are especially well chosen. The canvas is realistic and beautiful.

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