Description of the painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir "Vase of Flowers" (Spring Bouquet)

Description of the painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

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If we talk about the artist, whose central theme has always been flowers, then this, of course, is Claude Monet. His friend, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, loved to paint genre scenes and portraits, but flowers in wreaths or bouquets became just relaxation and entertainment for him.

Nevertheless, the artist created a lot of paintings dedicated to flowers, so it’s hard to say for sure whether the painting we are considering was originally called “A Vase of Flowers” ​​and not, say, “Flowers in a Vase”. It all depends on the accuracy of the translation of the name of the canvas. However, all these paintings are beautiful and worthy of description.

A floral still life has always been considered a classic. Such paintings were easily sold, so Pierre-Auguste could paint them even for the purpose of earning a living. But if the artist is genius, then a true masterpiece always comes out from under his brush. So this time.

Beautiful flowers contrast with the rough board of the table on which the vase stands. It seems that it reflects everything in itself, like in a crooked mirror, but if you look closely, you understand that it has its own drawing on it.

The bouquet contains different garden flowers: lilac, peonies, daisies, catchments and many other plants. That is why it creates the impression of a riot of a blossoming garden. A sprig of peony even fell on the table, breaking away from the main stem.

The theme of nature continues and the background for a bouquet. It is so similar to the greenery growing on the slope, but the shadow of the bouquet leaves no doubt that behind it is just a flat wall painted in the colors of forest moss and earth. The shadow, as it were, balances the composition, making it harmonious.

Most of Renoir’s still lifes settled in private collections, but he painted a great many of these paintings, and they are all beautiful.

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