Description of the painting Pablo Picasso Sleeping Girl

Description of the painting Pablo Picasso Sleeping Girl

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One of the famous works of the period of surrealism Pablo Picasso, is a portrait of "Sleeping Girl" in 1935. The painting depicts Maria Theresa Walter - model, muse and lover of the famous Spanish artist.

Picasso met Maria when she was 17 years old, at that time she was already married to Russian ballerina Olga Khokhlova, and their son was 5 years old. The artist’s marriage, as well as Mary’s minority, were the main reasons why the artist hid his novel for a long time. But Picasso did not succeed in hiding his novel in his work, because the tenderness and love with which Maria was portrayed in the paintings could not go unnoticed. This woman seriously influenced the work of the Spanish genius.

“Sleeping Girl” is a picture that refers to a whole series of works depicting the artist’s young lover, looking at this artist’s work, one feels the warmth and tenderness of a woman’s sleep or half-sleep. These emotions are so clearly conveyed that sometimes viewers, in fear of waking beautiful Mary, even speak in a whisper. The idea of ​​a sleepy, dreamy and loving woman is repeated many times in the works of Picasso.

Maria also often posed naked and judging by these paintings, she was more likely the object of desire, the artist’s passion, but not equal love.

After the birth of Maria's daughter Maya, the artist's wife became aware of his betrayals and she immediately took her son and left. Later, Picasso had another lover, Dora Maar, once, lovers collided in his workshop, and even a fight broke out between them, this moment he called one of the most vivid memories in his life. Maria Teresa Walter, until the last days of Picasso, maintained a relationship with him and dreamed of marrying him, but this did not happen. 4 years after the death of the artist, she hanged herself in her garage.

In 2011, the painting "Sleeping Girl" went under the hammer of Christie’s auction for a space of $ 21.9 million, the buyer of the world’s masterpiece wished to remain anonymous.

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