Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov “Orchards”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov “Orchards”

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Nikolai Petrovich, according to historical facts, carried out the work under the name “Orchards” at the moment when he was in the Crimea. He was shocked by the scope and beauty, because it was decided to create this beautiful canvas. As you know, thanks to the numerous works of the master, Krymov loved to convey true beauty, whatever it was, it was the nature that was not covered by it that always attracted the master.

The canvas is made in several traditionally green tones and shades, due to which there is great realism and even in a sense dullness and scarcity, but this scarcity is in no way connected with the variety of colors, since there are plenty of them in this work.

The picture shows only a small part of the orchard, trees and bushes, which are located according to the composition of the picture, as if on the sides, thus forming a small gap directly in the center of the picture.

In this gap, a meadow is visible, at the end of which there is a sprout, which, apparently, indicates the boundaries of the garden. The branches intertwined with each other, but despite this, one can notice how, during gusts of wind, they bend either one way or the other. About the gusts of wind, can also speak of a gray and gloomy sky, which is likely to soon rain, but before the calm before the storm is still far away.

The place of view was chosen from a certain elevation, some of which fell into the picture. A riot of lush greenery can only speak of the state of mind and the exciting experience of the artist himself, which is fully reflected on the canvas.

The master was able to capture exactly the moment when nature literally is full of beauty, giving any spectator the opportunity to plunge into this atmosphere and penetrate it from the very beginning to the end, allowing you to fully enjoy it.

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