Description of Mikaloyus Čiurlionis’s painting “Creations of the World”

Description of Mikaloyus Čiurlionis’s painting “Creations of the World”

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Mikaloyus Konstantinas Čiurlionis is a very unique and amazing phenomenon in the whole art of the world; to date, the works of the creator evoke very stormy emotions and emotional admiration for creativity. The artworks move us to the land of eternal fantastic beauty.

His canvases were very famous in the Soviet Union. Ciurlionis wrote in contrast to the reality of life, and this was exactly what the audience needed. He tried for people, because he is not only an artist, but also a Lithuanian composer, the founder of professional music in Lithuania, which became famous far beyond the borders of the country and in all world cultures.

The creator was in a hurry to live, compose music, create paintings. Apparently he felt that he would soon leave for another world. So it was ... April 10, 1911 Chyurlionis passed away very young, and the artist was not even 36 years old. The last five years of his life, he devoted his artistic career.

During the period of painting, the author created unique cycles of paintings "Signs of the Zodiac", as well as a unique fantastic cycle called "Creation of the World." The paintings from these cycles reflected the author’s dream of true beauty and eternal harmony. The unique canvases of Čiurlionis fascinated with their subtlety of the color scheme, as well as unusual ideas of a cosmic scale. For example: a flickering blue nebula with a dark blue background with no life.

The transformation of space, which in itself is ordinary, into a freezing space, is what the author portrays in a cycle. One of the paintings, there is this one that was written on the account of the eleventh. On the canvas, the viewer feels the warmth and harmony that the artist conveyed. Having looked closely, you can become a member of a fantastic, unreal life.

Before the eyes of the world sparkles, blooms, in a word - lives! Ciurlionis tells the viewer with the help of the canvas not about creating land, but about progressiveness in the beauty of the world. His paintings are filled with optimism, positive, warmth and pleasant harmony. According to Romain Rolland, the unique, brilliant work of Čiurlionis revealed to the world a new special spiritual continent!

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