Description of the painting Arkady Rylov "Flowery meadow"

Description of the painting Arkady Rylov

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The famous Russian artist Arkady Rylov painted in 1916 a unique painting, Flowery Meadow. He depicted the early summer, when nature only wakes up and reborn after a long "hibernation". The picture allows you to relax not only with your body, but also with your soul. Looking at the beauty of the meadow, which is surrounded by flowers, I want to plunge into this action with my head and forget myself in the time in which you are. Is it not the talent of a master who allows a person to dissolve in his problems and enjoy life.

The main characters of the picture are meadow grasses, which are represented in all their glory. They are clearly and delicately traced, on the one hand, it seems that they are a single whole, and on the other, on the contrary, everyone lives his own life. Among their diversity, wildflowers timidly lurked. In places Rylov depicted trees and for good reason, in nature, too, everything is natural, as well as in life. Thanks to this, the plot continues and has its own story.

The artist used only light and warm colors to create the painting; they give the action calm, lightness and serenity. Green is the color of life and harmony, yellow is the color of peace and unity, white and pink clouds add a peculiar flavor to the whole image of Russian nature. Looking at nature, it seems that this will go on forever, summer will never end.

Nature breathes simplicity, kindness and beauty, I want to run barefoot through the grass, pick up a bouquet of fragrant wildflowers and not think about anything else. Is this not the happiness and dream of any Russian person?

You can admire the picture for hours and dream, dream, dream. Everyone has their own dreams and desires, which may well turn into reality if you think about it, reflect on it, believe and wait.

The canvas can be seen in the Tver Picture Gallery, you will be there, be sure to see the great creation of the master.

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