Description of the painting by Peter Bruegel "Hunters in the Snow"

Description of the painting by Peter Bruegel

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Like many artists of his time, the famous painter Peter Bruegel created a series of paintings called The Seasons. The best creation from this cycle and at the same time one of the artist’s best works is the painting “Hunters in the Snow”.

The picture shows an alpine village on a winter day. The main characters - hunters - together with their faithful dogs return home. Men tiredly wander in deep snow. Dark slender tree trunks soar up in front of them. From a high cliff, we observe unfolding distances: a valley strewn of pristine snow, villages, fields and rivers, and the majestic snow-capped mountains serve as the background to all this. At the bottom of the cliff lies a picturesque village with elegant houses, and behind it, on frozen pond skating rinks, a lot of people frolic.

We see various people who are busy with their daily activities. There are a lot of figures in the picture and you need to spend time to make out each of them. After the hunters, the first thing that catches the eye is a group of peasants who lit a fire. Also on the canvas you can see a man walking across the bridge, who carries a large bundle of brushwood. Under the cliff, another hunter lurking, aiming at the birds. In the distance, a horse pulling a cart is visible on the road. On the left side of the road behind the church, people are trying to put out a burning house. In the upper right corner we see birds floating in the air. It seems that we are contemplating this view just the same from a bird's eye view. And this flight takes place under a bottomless sky of a greenish-turquoise hue.

Bruegel managed to wonderfully convey on his canvas the movement of all living things. All people, despite the fact that we do not see their faces, seem quite real. It seems that the world created by the artist’s brush really exists. And we not only see, but seem to hear it: a crunch of snow under the feet of people, barking dogs, funny cries of skaters, crackling fire.

The artist created an unprecedented feeling of spaciousness on canvas. To do this, Bruegel plays with the contrast of the near and distant plans. And a kind of bond between the two plans are the central figures of the picture - hunters. All this contributes to the disclosure of the main motive of the picture - the unity of man with nature.

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