Description of Vincent Van Gogh's Self Portrait

Description of Vincent Van Gogh's Self Portrait

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Artist Vincent Van Gogh painted a large number of paintings, simply entitled - "Self-portrait." Among such an abundance of images of the famous creator, we will focus on a self-portrait of 1887/88, painted in oil on canvas in Paris.

Before us is the face of a man who has exceeded the limits of his mature years. His eyes are black, somewhat frightened and a little preoccupied with something seen or experienced. The beard on him is red. The facial features are somewhat thin, the nose is quite large.

A lot of facial wrinkles on the face of the artist, especially between the eyebrows creases, indicating that the author frowned in the process of writing this work. His mouth is slightly ajar in exhausted distraction.

The general feeling from the portrait is painful. The hair on the man’s head is light red and combed back, very well drawn on the forehead are bald patches and bags under the eyes. The face resembles the color of faded autumn leaves, the skin of the forehead is pale. One ear is neat and can be seen very well in its rounded shape, the other - protruding, but due to a half-turn of the head - remains invisible to the inattentive viewer.

The artist’s neck is short and very thin. A white shirt is fastened to the top button, brown lapels of the brown jacket are located close to the neck and are decorated with small stripes of ocher color. The whole picture is somewhat rippling, like an old black-and-white movie and creates a feeling in us that we see a certain chronicle, almost a withering personality.

The picture is dominated by red, brown, ocher, black and greenish, with yellow streaks - colors. The brush technique of the smear is rather large, so the canvas looks more like a panel made of wax or colored plasticine. Despite the fact that the author is a recognized personality, the picture looks rather mediocre.

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