Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov “Square”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Krymov “Square”

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The picture, by the rather large and famous Russian artist Nikolai Krymov under the name “Area”, can be quite calmly and quite boldly outlined under the general name of his very first early works. But even then, at the time of writing "Square", Krymov was already quite famous.

This canvas, painted in a rather moderately impressionistic style, can be safely called a kind of transitional moment, from those rural landscapes that Krymov loved so much, to direct action movements and their vision by the artist himself.

Clean, non-miscible paints, along with a separate brushstroke, the only thing that differs from the paintings of that era is a certain fading of the colors, but at that time it was just beginning to become fashionable and the artists believed that this gives their creation a certain poetry, sophistication and tenderness .

In this picture we see an individual color scheme, mannered images of people, each figure of which tells about something based on the position and position in which this or that character is located. We are witnessing the introduction into our usual genre of "truthfully" painted landscapes, some notes from the theatrical performance that the artist offers us, quite skillfully combining these two genres together.

In this work, some fragmentation is clearly visible, something like semblance of descriptiveness. Looking at this picture, the scene immediately becomes clear, which, as if played by all the characters traced in the picture. Such a unique at first glance, the fusion of the two techniques seems rather surprising, but in principle, if you look closely at the paintings of Krymov’s contemporaries, you can also see their attempts to produce something similar, at that moment many tried to imitate this new trend, some even very successfully.

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