Description of the painting by Julia Clover “It will rain”

Description of the painting by Julia Clover “It will rain”

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Clover Julius Yulievich - Russian artist who specialized in landscapes. Born in Estonia. He graduated from the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg, became an academician, and later - a professor. In the artist's works, the effects of lighting are pronounced. The artist fell into stereotypes, often portraying the same views and scenes. His art has acquired a salon-academic character.

As it was customary to think in those days, the only possible school of landscape painting was Italian. That is why, at the Academy of Arts, during its formation, teaching the art of landscape came down to the development of the Italian school of landscape painting. "Italian landscape" as the term meant a beautiful image of the area. Julius Yulievich Clover did an excellent job with the beautiful execution and not the catchy content - these are the main features that are distinctive for the Italian landscape.

Clover’s work began in 1868 with a copy of the picture of Aachenbach. in 1874 the first exhibition of the artist was held, which was crowned with success. The work of Yulia Yulievich developed rapidly and rapidly and reached the point that Alexander III, who reigned at that time, acquired one of his paintings (The Birch Forest). After that, the artist literally bathed in the glory. Creativity Clover loved and revered. At that time, it was considered notorious not to have a picture of the author.

Thanks to his success, Clover did not need the accuracy of his work and did not strive for it. He paid much more attention to the expressiveness of the picture as a whole. In all the artist's works, the sharpness and brightness of the seasons and weather are visible. This is especially evident in the film “It will rain”: the sky before the thunderstorm and its reflection in the water are highlighted. Nature is depicted so clearly that it makes you fall in love with the north of the fatherland at first sight.

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